How to Get the Most from your Online Surveys

Being hit over the head with a hammer blow is likely to knock you out or worse. When crafting your online surveys this style of in your face customer survey is likely to not only result in poor response rates but will certainly leave your visitor dazed and unlikely to return.

It’s nice when you get treated with respect and your input is valued. So if you are planning on surveying your customers, which you should be, then use a polite introduction, make it easy to complete with a moderate number of steps and provide a thank you page.

The result will be excellent response rates and some useful and detailed data. Remember the customer needs to feel wanted and not like he has been assaulted!

And because checking on your surveys is one of the most important parts of any Business Strategy even when you already hired an SEO agency to do the dirty job of putting the number together, lets take a deep breath and have a talk because talking about numbers is important.

Intelligent Surveys: when you are designing your survey template make it easy to answer and move the questions in a logical sequence. Each question should follow another in a nice even flow with reference to what went before, like an interviewer would pose.

Some site navigation leaves a lot to be desired especially if too much info is crammed into a page. This is a source of confusion and frustration particularly for new Internet users so by working your logical sequence the next question won’t appear to conflict.

Your Brand Image: Consistency in all your site activities breeds trust and an appreciation of your professionalism. Keep the survey structure in line with all the brand aspects of your site, such as colours, fonts and so on. This will create assurance in the mind of the visitor that it is actually you that is running the survey and not some amorphous agency.

Agency surveys are a pain so spend time putting yourself inside the mind of your visitor and build trust in your brand. Business success will inevitably follow if you put yourself in your customers’ shoes!

Feedback Upfront: If you don’t ask you don’t get! When visitors arrive at your web site, be direct and get them to act promptly! Your response rate will be approximately 90 % of those who agree to take your survey! So for excellent response rates don’t let your visitors drift.

Decline Must be Easy: You’ll only get about 5% of site visitors to take part, so be happy with this and respect the remaining 95 %! Surveys aren’t everyone’s cup of tea especially when a quick survey turns out to be a Marathon. You’ll lose droves of potential customers with this approach!

Spurious Tactics & Bribes: Getting people to participate in surveys will not give you the data you are looking for if you are exerting pressure. Visitors who come to your site via natural channels will give you the most important feedback not freebie seekers.

Click Through Frustration: keep click throughs to a sensible number. Remember people are busy and have other stuff to be getting on with and even for satisfied site users there will come a point beyond which they just won’t continue.

Probably after 30 clicks which is very long survey and should be reduced, you will lose the participant. It’s just too tiring to continue. An auto proceed function inbuilt into your survey will lessen the amount of clicking the user will have to do and that will enable them to proceed to the end without throwing the toys out of the pram!

A very useful add- on could be a meter that indicates progress throughout the survey. If after several minutes they are only 10 % complete, you’ll lose the user!

A sizable customer survey sample will regularly give you really valuable feedback and the above structure will enable you to glean this information seamlessly without annoying the regular site visitor.

With some sensitive and appealing appreciation on your part, even those visitors who don’t take the survey initially may well be encouraged to participate on a future date.

Let’s face it, not everyone has the time to complete a survey when they find your site for the first time so give them a chance to see how you react to them and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

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