Giving New Life to an Old Concept

Three weeks ago, SEO Workers opened the doors on their new SEO Workers Web Technologies & Internet Marketing Community, after a great deal of preparation by their staff, to ensure security, privacy and a healthy environment for its members. John Britsios, CEO of SEO Workers, describes it as “the ideal venue, for the who’s-who of web technology”.

The purpose of the community is to provide a place where the “movers and shakers” of the web technology industry can discuss and collaborate on the tough issues they all face, some of which have remained unsolved for some time.

When asked what makes this forum so special, Britsios responded, “This is a community for advanced SEO, web development and internet marketing specialists, and my team and I are going to be sure to give these guys the kind of atmosphere where they can interact and enjoy it.”

He added that they will have “zero-tolerance” for the people that clutter so many forums, spamming, dropping links and making nonsense posts. He hastened to add that the forum will not have any advertisements, either. Clearly, he wants no distractions to hinder what he termed “high-level discussions”.

“We intend to be very strict about keeping the atmosphere professional, said John. “This community is for the people, after all, that LEAD the industry, not follow it.”

He also said that his members, several of whom are prominent members of the SEO and web technology community, have already put their heads together and solved a couple of thorny issues, which has helped to animate the group.

Internet professionals who are accustomed to working at an advanced, cutting-edge level, really need to check out the SEO Workers Web Technologies and Internet Marketing Forums.

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