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Website owners are hardly limited in their choices when it comes to keeping an eye on their search engine optimization efforts. If anything, there are too many SEO tracking tools around and while choice is always a great thing, it’s tough for many new webmasters to decide how to keep track of the results of their search engine optimization work.

There is a wide array of free and commercial software and web based tools to choose from – and today, we’re examining Sheer SEO’s online SEO tool.

In order to give all of you reading this an idea as to how well Sheer SEO’s entry in the SEO monitoring market performs, I signed up for the 90-day trial version of their SEO tools. While the free trial doesn’t offer all of the features of the full, paid versions, it does provide enough to give users a taste of its capabilities.

This is actually a suite of online SEO tools which allow webmasters to watch over a number of different factors which play a part in determining their page rank as well as their site’s overall page rank.

Users will find links to pages which display information including the page rank of their site at present as well as historical page rank, ranking for as many as 20 keywords, the top referral links (the links which direct the most visitors to your site), the total number of backlinks, social bookmarks, mentions in Twitter messages, keyword density analysis and details on which pages on your site are in the main index and supplemental index of the major search engines.

A guarded backlinks tool is also included; this feature permits users to be informed of any changes to their highest-value backlinks. Webmasters trying to boost the page ranking of a new site are especially likely to appreciate this backlink guarding functionality, something which does set Sheer SEO’s set of online SEO tools apart.

The tools are available in Light, Standard, Advanced and Professional options, with each providing the ability to monitor more sites, pages and keywords. The full packages also offer more detailed reports (which can be exported in Excel format) and more quickly updated data on their sites’ SEO efforts.

It’s important to realize that Sheer SEO’s online SEO tools are simply a monitoring suite, not a SEO tool per se; they merely allow webmasters to monitor and gather data about how their current search engine optimization efforts are performing. However, it is something which a lot of website owners are likely to find useful either by itself or along with other free or paid SEO tracking suites.

Are these online SEO tools worth the price? This, of course is subjective – however, the monthly rate for these services is low and there are a fairly comprehensive set of monitoring and tracking tools here which make Sheer SEO’s offerings at the very least worthy of a closer look.

I haven’t tried the full versions of these online SEO tools personally, but judging from the trial version, it seems this is a set of tools worth giving a try.

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